Spa and Massage

By Maeve
59 Camden High Street, NW1 7JL
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10am - 11pm daily
How much?
£30 - £65

I’d been thinking about treating myself to a full-body, hour-long massage for some time. I’m aware that some of you probably wouldn’t think twice – but despite being relatively active, and working harder than any human should, I’ve never been able to justify the cost. And then I discovered Spa and Massage – a friendly string of massage parlours across London that offer good quality rub-downs at very reasonable prices. I visited their Camden branch and found a relaxing atmosphere that’s neither pretentious or overly smelly, like some spas. A nice lady provided a cup of tea and a menu card with the various massage styles on offer. Opting for a deep tissue I was introduced the lovely Kanda, a young Thai woman who spent the next hour sorting out my terrible computer worker back knots by crawling all over me and hitting those oh-so-painful spots with her intuitive hands. Open 10am to 11pm every day – you’ll have no excuse not to pop in. / Chloe McCloskey