Stokey Bears

129 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 0PH
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Mon - Fri 6-10pm Sat - Sun 12-10pm

Five words to bring meat sweats and palpitations to any London foodie: Burger Bear have found a home. Ever since 2012, Burger Bear have wandered around London’s street-food scene, collecting awards and loyal customers at every stop. Their Bacon Jam has caused brought grown men to tears, if a condiment could be iconic, it’d be in the hall of fame. Perhaps in part due to their nomadic existence, Burger Bear have garnered something of a mysticism which, when combined with their rabid following, makes them seem not unlike a cult. Thankfully our visit was Kool-Aid free and, almost impossibly, lived up to the hype. If the swathe of gourmet burger restaurants across the city leaves you cold and the thought of Meat Liquor’s strobe lighting and grease puddles turns your stomach; this is the place for you. There is no pomposity surrounding the meat and presentation, this is a burger joint; it’s not trying to reinvent the wheel. The beer list isn’t overly long but offers a fine selection of London micro-breweries. The chicken wings deserve a special mention as they flutter to the lofty height of The Orange Buffalo as one of London’s few purveyors of decent hot sauce. The Burger tastes like a Burger Bear burger, what higher praise is there? We all ran out of superlatives back in 2012.