The Sun Tavern

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441 Bethnal Green Road, E2 0AN
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441 Bethnal Green Road, E2 0AN
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How Much?

As if 2014 didn’t already belong to them, the team behind Discount Suit Company are at it again. We have only recently recovered composure after our collective swoon over DSC and now bar-lovers all over the Capital are dabbing their beaded brows at the sweltering prospect of the The Sun Tavern. The sad fact is that, with the albeit laudable trend of food-accompanied drinking, we are suffering from a dire shortage of truly great bars. And that is what we have here; a truly great bar. The recipe for such an establishment is not simple, sure there’s the superb beer selection, the broad and exciting collection of spirits, the well-priced yet complex cocktails but there is something else; something altogether harder to pin-point. It’s the scent in the air that intoxicates the devil on your shoulder and placates the angel. It’s that special something that a truly great bar possesses that makes leaving before closing feel like a a cop-out. It’s the ‘anything can happen’ factor that London so desperately needs; long may it last.


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