Sweet Desserts

By Maeve
64 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QP
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Daily 7am-6.30pm
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Now a fully-fledged member of the EC1 FILF fraternity, what better first post-parenthood article than heaping just praise on one of our manor’s finest gaffs. Sweet, oozing in French charm but owned by just about the friendliest Londoner you could wish to encounter, Sweet Desserts is consistently exceptional. Since switching to Nude’s roast, their coffee has gone up a considerable notch and the cakes are some of the finest in the world. A huge claim, you scorners scorn? Well I implore you: check the cheesecakes, munch the meringues and scoff the shortbread; it’s all baked on premises along with plenty of top tucker for those on a savoury tip too. Considering bagel bastion Brill is a mere stroll away, remember that in Exmouth Market using the chains is a choice and not a necessity. / Eamon Downes