Tamarind Kitchen

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167-169 Wardour Street, Soho, W1F8WR
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167-169 Wardour Street, Soho, W1F8WR
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How Much?

Luxe velvet booths and low-hanging lamps set the scene for Tamarind, the younger, more affordable, sister to Mayfair’s Michelin-stared outfit of the same name. Between lassis and cocktails, we sip on the latter​;​ a perfect teaser, my Passionfruit and Chilli Martini has exactly the right amount of heat to cut through the sweet. We nibble on flavourful quail and lightly seared scallops before indulging in the velvety, tangy Alleppy Fish Curry;​ the Kerala dish is coconut-y and spicy all at once, while the Hyderabadi slow-cooked lamb shanks – seasoned in a confident mix of spices and herbs​ – come tender with added bite​. Alas, our meal ​has com​e​ to an end, so we do as any respectable pair would do,​ and surreptitiously mop what’s left of the silky black lentils and saag paneer with tears of our soft, buttery naan.


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