Tandoor Chop House

By Ben
8 Adelaide St, London WC2N 4HZ
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Tucked away behind the Strand, away from chain sandwich-floggers Pret and Eat and tourist wormhole Spaghetti House, Tandoor Chop House has popped up to save hangry shoppers just in time for Christmas. The food is fucking great – large plates of spiced meats cooked to perfection in the tandoori oven, a variety of classic naan breads (the bone marrow naan is full of flavour) and some perfect-level-spicy IPA-battered squid and prawns to name a few dishes. What’s more, it’s away from the noise and poisonous tourism of the surrounding area, and it hasn’t yet accumulated the absurd line that forms in front of it’s fiercest competitor, Dishoom, every evening, despite being every bit as tasty. Top tip – strike while the iron is hot.