To A Tea

By Maeve
14 Farringdon Street, Five Feet Place, EC4A 4AB
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Mon-Fri 6.30am-6.30pm
How much?
Teas £1.95-2.95, Afternoon Tea £4.50

Coffee is my demon. Tea is my saviour. Like a redeeming cup of refreshing Jesus juice. Therefore, for lost souls like I, To A Tea is pure heaven. This café offers 26 varieties of loose leaf teas, brewed with expertise, care and perfection at their impressive Farringdon location. My personal favourites were the jasmine pearls, fragrant rosebud and the completely overpowering (in a good way, like being pinned to Brigitte Nielsen’s bed) apple and cinnamon herbal infusion. They’ll also serve you a selection of freshly prepared sandwiches, sort your breakfast with helpings of toast and crumpets and do a nifty scone-laden afternoon tea. Head honcho Stas Leonidou’s passion to provide the perfect cuppa permeates every last drop of this venture and as he says: “coffee’s got George Clooney, we’ve got the PG Tips monkeys; tea isn’t sexy!” Well, it is now. / Eamon Downes