Texas Joe’s

51-55 Bethnal Green Road E1 6LA
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He was the guy who did a dance, dressed as a cowboy, on Dragon’s Den and got (and later turned down) investment from Peter Jones. And from the basement of Brewdog, his slow-smoked¬†carnivorous feast is being served up – the queues a testament for the success of Joe Walter’s concept – straight from a hot BBQ and into our greedy mouths. It’s fun, tasty, spicy and meaty. And there’s no holding back on the portions. Brewdog sort us out with exciting craft beers; the next few weeks is your chance to try some excellent Canadian beers from Dieu du Ciel. ¬†Only guilt-free aspect of this experience is that it’s impossible to finish the plate in front of you, giving the illusion of self-control. Someone once told me spicy food is good for your metabolism. Well, after this you might want to eat a couple of jalapenos.