Tilia Artisan Food Delivery

By robvalid
Delivers to any London postcode beginning with NW, N, E, SE, SW or W
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Monday to Saturday, 12pm-10pm

We know what it’s like to be a Londoner: the pulse-quickening pride, the foot-throbbing fatigue. We explore, create and support the independent start-ups that that give London the best restaurants, bars and shops in the world. But we also walk at speed more miles in a day than our scuffed toes and worn heels were made for. So, Londoners, Tilia wants us to have a well-deserved rest. With one click, burgers from Allens in Mayfair, sauce from the Ribman in Shoreditch or Gino Gelato from Covent Garden will simultaneously make their way to our doors, hand-delivered by a man with a natty apron and a soothing smile. Thank you, Tilia, for making our lives easier. And thank you, Londoners, for making our this city ace. / Sara Lou