By Maeve
6-8 Garden Walk, Shoreditch, EC2A 3EQ
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Mon-Sun 12pm-10pm
How much?
£25 for two

There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple, a mantra that Mark Hix has adopted with this jolly number in an awe-inspiring structure tucked away in Shoreditch. Adopting a more casual aesthetic in comparison to his swankier Soho offerings, Tramshed essentially offers diners the choice of either steak or chicken; and if you ever needed a reminder of the origins of what you are about to eat, here they are, Cock & Bull stare down at you from a formaldehyde tank courtesy of some guy called Damien Hirst. While it lacks in offering variety, the steak and chips express menu was decent and thrifty on the pocket and made for the perfect Saturday afternoon stop off. / Firas