Trawler Trash

205 Upper St, N1 1RQ
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At the current rate of consumption, experts warn we might be left with no fish in the sea by 2048. A horrifying thought, and a situation that we as responsible consumers can help prevent. Trawler Trash, a new addition to Islington’s Upper Street, is determined to give us an alternative, “turning trash into treasure” and championing the under…fish of the sea. Instead of salmon, have cured herring with sea purslane and salted hake pate. Ditch the cod for kipper carbonara with peas and rocket. Have the smoked trout with wasabi and dill, and beer battered coley with chips and crushed peas – and leave with a clear conscience. The complimentary fried seaweed makes waiting for starters to arrive a lot more bearable, as does the small, intimate cocktail bar at the back.