Tsuru Bishopsgate

By Maeve
Unit 3, 201 Bishopsgate, EC1 9AN
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Mon - Fri 11am - 9pm; Sat 12.00pm - 7.00pm
How much?
£6.10 Katsu

With all the sushi I’ve been devouring in the name of le cool lately, you’d think I was Japanese or something…. Well, actually, I am a little bit, but my gramma’s cooking is pretty basic compared to the lovely delicacies on offer at Tsuru‘s new spot in Bishopsgate. The good folk behind the popular Bankside eatery have opened up shop next to Liverpool Street station. And I’ve got one word for you my friends: KATSU. Now wait, before you start – I never order katsu – as it’s a bit cliché. But Tsuru just swooped in and blew my mind with its homemade tomato-y curry sauce; its carefully sourced seafood and meat (try the not-chewy-at-all scallops and juicy chicken thigh); its light and flaky panko. Mmmm! Side it with a delicate hijiki seaweed salad, followed up with some sesame ice cream balls (that’s the official Japanese translation) and you’ll be ready for a nap at your desk. / Chloe McCloskey