Tsuru Mansion House

By Maeve
Aldermary House, 10 Queen Street, EC4N 1TX
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Mon - Fri 10am - 11pm
How much?
Agedashi £4.20; Gyoza £4.95

The popularity of Wagamama’s chicken katsu led me to denounce the dish as too banal for my taste; it’s the chicken-tikkah-massalahhh of the homestyle Japanese world, I thought. That was of course until I stepped through the doors of Tsuru, whose eight-hour katsu is just on a totally different level. But on visiting their spanking new Mansion House spot, I had to hold back from the katsu, as there are so many other tasty little dishes to try. Had I filled up on the succulent sauce and breaded thighs, I wouldn’t have had time to try the agedashi tofu – battered silky tofu in a phenomenal soy broth, the fluffy and flavourful chilli rice and those undeniable little pork gyoza. With Allpress coffee now served and the usual wealth of top notch sakes, it’s a great stop for dinner or lunch if you find yourself in the City on a weekday. / Chloe McCloskey