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17B Kingsland Road Shoreditch E2 8AA
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17B Kingsland Road Shoreditch E2 8AA
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How Much?

TT Liquor is shaking up the cocktail scene with a unique venue (and menu) that has it all. At first glance TT is an expertly stocked liquor store, boasting over 1,000 liquors. Patrons can even store their tipple collection in padlocked deposit boxes ready for their next visit. But that’s not all. The back door leads to a multifaceted venue, which was once a police station in the 19th century. One floor is set up for cocktail making classes and down another flight of stairs is a basement bar that feels like a hidden gem. Old holding cells have been converted into atmospheric alcoves, and exposed brick and low ceilings complete the speakeasy feel. The menu impressively showcases the history of cocktails, leading drinkers on a journey from the late 19th century to the present day – and from what I’ve sampled they are all delectable. This has got to be the best night in jail you can have.


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