Turner & George

By Foo D
399 St John St., EC1V 4LB
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Mon-Sat: 10-6pm (8pm Thurs)

A couple of the brilliant minds behind some of the best loved purveyors of meat in the capital have come together for the betterment of all the city’s carnivores. Richard H Turner (of the mighty Hawksmoor and Pitt Cue fame) and James George (crusader for seam butchery and all that is good and right) who set up the East London Steak Company, have followed up their success by opening a bricks and mortar location right around the corner from Angel and God-damn, it is truly a thing of wonder and beauty. Stocking the very finest rare breed meat and game from around the country and beyond, Turner & George boast some really special items.  If you know your pigs, the name Mangalitza should fill you with a deep yearning in the core of your being and for the rest of you, let me just say that my first experience left me with what can only be called a pork-related epiphany. Really, I’m not even joking. They opened their doors for the first time last week and I recommend you step through them as soon as you can. Like tomorrow.