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18 Stoke Newington High St, London N16 7PL
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18 Stoke Newington High St, London N16 7PL
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How Much?

Stoke Newington hipster favourite Victory Mansion is one curve ahead of the game…

Under new head chef Tim Yates, the literary-themed, prohibition style bar has launched a new TA-KO menu. Mouth-watering combinations of these 12cm Asian-inspired, soft corn tortillas will send your tongue helter-sheltering across Thailand, Korea and Japan – while your toosh keeps your stool warm in Stokey.

Land, soil and sea lovers shall light up with glee over the TA-KO offering – but you have been warned – the indecision’s gonna be rife. Where to begin? Their adventurous Palm Sugar Glazed Beef tortilla with pickled watermelon and blackberry sriracha ; the Instagrammable red pepper pork neck with mustard & cucumber sauce; their charred broccoli taco with salted duck egg relish? Whatever you do, leave room for the crispy cauliflower, black bean and tamarind ragu with avocado tortilla; irresistible enough to make diehard meat lovers go veggie for life. Best lapped up with their sinfully addictive MSG fries; deep-fried, dense potato cakes with a devilishly crisp nori batter. Wash it all down with cocktail – perhaps a charming Atticus Finch (wild turkey bourbon with plum sake and peach bitters) or if you’re feeling bouji, a Holly Golightley (rose and elderflower gin with bubbly). That’s a wrap folks.


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