Voodoo Rays

By Maeve
95 Kingsland High St, E8 2PB
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Thurs - Sun 4/6pm - 2/3am

There’s something unmistakable about the pizza in New York that puts the offerings on our fine shores to shame. So it is a pleasant surprise to discover that the team behind Dalston Superstore have opened their own NYC styled pizza joint. Located near the Rio Cinema, Voodoo Rays offers full 22” pizza goodness. I opted for the Giorgio Moroder slice but it was the Chilli Fly slice that stole the show. The mac ‘n’ cheese was up there with the best I’ve tasted and the frozen margaritas a firm favourite. The underlying electronic music associations are un-missable. They even managed to get A Guy Called Gerald in to turn on the sign. / Firas Waez