White Lyan

By jessfagin
153 Hoxton Street, N1 6PJ
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Tue-Sat, 6-12pm

Enter a new breed of cocktail bar where every element of your drink is reconsidered, from the custom made spirits and tinctures to the mineral enhanced water. Leaving theatre at the door, there’s no peacocking egotistical shakers; the back bar replaced with illuminated fridges filled with pre-batched concoctions. ¬†And there’s no ice and citrus. Say what? No cubes or twist in my Old Fashioned? It’s a good thing. Less the ice crystals and wince inducing citrus, the integrity of texture and flavour results in a perfectly balanced drink. In this particular case, Scotch and bitters embalmed in beeswax with its honey buzz melting through the whisky. The decorated cocktail makers behind this venture, Ryan Chetiywardana and Iain Griffiths, share their time, expansive knowledge and game changing drinks rather than the brawn of their flair, creating one of the most unique cocktail experiences around.