White Rabbit

By Maeve
15-16 Bradbury Street, Dalston N16 8JN
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Open for brunch/lunch and dinner- see website
How much?

If Dalston needed another venue to further cement its ‘twinned with Williamsburg’ status, the White Rabbit would be it: decadent brunches, mimosas on tap, parquet floors, counter eating and model waitresses. I’m not complaining – I live for brunch, and this was a good one. I opted for the blueberry pancakes, which, whilst the presentation left a lot to be desired (I want my pancakes delivered in a steaming pile, dribbling in maple syrup so I can feed off the food envy of my entire table), the taste and texture was spot on: blueberries had just the right mix of sweet and sour, syrup not too sugary and the back bacon just the right amount of smoke. It also helps that the Bloody Marys are…bloody good. I long to live in Brooklyn in an exposed brick warehouse with a fire escape for a balcony, but until then, I guess Dalston will have to do. / SJ Boyd


Around £15 for breakfast with drink