Worship Street Whistling Shop

By Maeve
63 Worship Street, EC2A 2DU
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Weeknights: 12pm-1am, Friday and Saturday: 12pm- 2.30am
How much?

The crew behind the Worship Street Whistling Shop really do love their booze. Not in a jaegerbombs or whiskey for breakfast kind of way. Think more Blumenthal-esque, jiggery pokery, ‘molecular mixology’. There’s jasmine in the G&Ts, radish in the not-so-dirty martinis and some kind of chip pan fat extract in the Long Island Ice Tea. This is a project of old meets new. All of the cocktails are ones that you know and love – more Don Draper than Del Boy Trotter – but they’ve been ‘twisted’ within an inch of their lives. Every now and then this seems like style over substance, but mostly it’s lots of fun and pretty damn delicious. And the basement bar is cosy and old-school – not a statement chandelier in sight. The waiters know their stuff, so pick their brains and get infected by the unashamed enthusiasm for all things alcohol. / Clare Considine