Yo! Sushi

By Maeve
4 Great Portland Street, W1W 8QJ
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Mon-Thurs 12-10pm (until 11pm Fri & Sat), Sun 12-9pm
How much?
Depends on what you grab. Toilets free.

With the exception of a few exclusive dishes and the wicked decor, including submerged seats that had me feeling like a willing volunteer on a sushi slave galley, this is your typical YO! Sushi . If you like ‘em, you’ll love it here. If you don’t, you still might. As lying beneath these circulating, freshly prepared tasty plates are London’s most exceptional toilets. Given my colour blindness and history of substance abuse, I may not be the most reliable witness as to the men’s urinals changing colour as you pee, but I’m sure they did. I also managed to sneak into the ladies to spot a panel by the pan offering front massages, rear cleanses… that’s where I left it; the less I know about women’s ablutions the better. Not only are these Buck Rogers style khazis a 21st Century cottager’s heaven, if poor old Elvis was still alive he’d be happily tucked up here all day. / Eamon Downes