270 Upper Street, N1 2UQ
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Angel has been undergoing an upgrade lately. Many long-standing venues have seen facelifts in the past few months, while a swathe of new venues (albeit, some chains) have been popping up on the Upper Street strip as if the popular high-street were suddenly going out of style. Zilouf’s is one of the former. This quirky local bar and eatery has a new look and a new outlook. Dip into the Asian-fusion bites while supping down a signature cocktail; we loved the espresso martinis – yes, they’re good enough for a mention – along with the crunch of the sprouting broccoli and tang of the San Choy Bau, a DIY spiced beef/lamb mince/little gem number. It’s a fun spot to rest your feet after some solid North London rambling or as a kick-off location for an unpredictable Saturday night.