Bingo Academy @ The Kitty Hawk

GameFriday October 12
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?How Much

£12 - £16




How Much?

£12 - £16

You once went with your nan to keep her company. Sitting in a large hall with numbers whizzing by, the afternoon passed in a numerical haze. Failing against the pro’s, you left empty handed but at least your nan won £50 and took you to the pub to cheer you up.

That was how you decided to begin your journey into becoming a bingo master. What better way than to join Bingo Academy as they set out to nurture your skills so you can enjoy the game and most importantly win some amazing – and slightly ridiculous prizes. Kicking off from the 6th, the next series of evenings will take place in the luxurious basement of Kitty Hawk (no large old bingo hall for you) where you will be taught the complex rules of bingo and practice advanced dabbing techniques before you go onto compete series of actual real-life bingo games.

With delicious food specially curated by Kitty Hawk’s head chef, plus a drinks menu filled with delectable cocktails, craft beers wine and prosecco, you’ll be yelling five when they call out ‘Man Alive’.

By Naz


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