Hey Abi, how’s it going? What are you up to?

Hello. It’s going well, thanks! I’m currently working on a few hand painted octopus hoodies, which are the biggest sellers on my website. I’ve got a couple of long term projects on as well, a graphic novel and a kids book.
Also, I’ve recently taken up boxing and have found it has made me a lot more willing to enter conflict (not physical fights… yet) so have been having lots of arguments in shops – I have transformed from mild mannered scientific illustrator to fearless consumer campaigner and scourge of queue jumpers!

Umm – why all the bugs in your work? Did you read James & The Giant Peach a lot as a kid?
I did, but it actually used to freak me out so I don’t think I finished it! I think the copy I had had a particularly frightening cover. Maybe that’s why I have been so drawn to the drawing of bugsā€¦ as a way of facing my fears. I’m actually really fascinated by creepy crawlies, especially underwater ones. I love snorkeling and diving and was lucky enough to be employed in Greece illustrating marine invertebrates, which are pretty alien, weird creatures.


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