Ali Nedaei


Ali Nedaei was born in 1957, Abadan, Iran. He began his career in painting in 1983 and hassince obtained a Masters Degree in painting from Tehran Art University. He is a member of the Society of Iranian Painting, among many other related groups. Considered by renowned Iranian art critic Javid Ramezani as one of the most influential painters in Iran, Ali is bringing his first UK solo show to CAMA London – the only gallery of Iranian art in the UK’s capital, which aims to provide a politically neutral platform on which to showcase the wealth of artistic talent in Iran.

Unfortunately Ali doesn’t speak English so we weren’t able to interview him but his work explores Persian mythological subjects in both human and animal form, presenting classical themes in a modern and dynamic way. Using the unconventional method of marker pens on canvases, he creates fluid and dreamlike figures that float hauntingly across the canvas.

Nadaei’s Battle of Lion and Myth series presents a modern twist on the traditional Persian epic poem Shahnameh. The artist presents the horse as an independent sign. In a specific scene, Nedaei uses the horse’s mythical character to form the tragedy of the hero. This tragedy is a witness to the vastness of civilisation’s history, which is emphasised in the dynamic wavy lines,and the freedom of the artist’s staging.

The show runs from 3 July – 2 August 2018 at CAMA Gallery, 19 Dacre Street, London, SW1H 0DJ


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