Alice Underground Returns to the Vaults

If you missed the 2015 smash sell-out hit Alice Underground – Les Enfants Terribles’ immersive theatre event deep below Waterloo – then you’re in luck. The Olivier-nominated production is returning this April, promising plenty of twists and turns and new surprises. It’s a celebrated show that draws its audience down a real London-style rabbit hole (The Vaults) and off on a fantastical ride featuring performances of puppetry, music, storytelling and circus.

The puzzle-like spectacle takes you on your very own adventure which is determined by the choices you make along the way. You may find yourself giant-like one moment or taking tea with a certain Mad Hatter the next.

All is set to be multi-sensory and frankly, an incredible feat of a production. There are 12 batches of ticket entries sold per night (you book based on the time you want to go in), meaning at peak moments, there are six different audiences undergoing different experiences in their journey. Bringing this to life are 36 performers each of whom plays at least four different characters. This pretty much guarantees a different experience for anyone who attended the previous production.

We predict that the 2017 event will be as popular as the last, so would recommend gathering some fellow Wonderland fans and booking this one tout-suit.

Where: The Vaults, 7AD, Leake St, London SE1 7NN, United Kingdom
When: Tuesday 25 April – Sunday 10 September
Prices: £31.50 – £54.00


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