candy man: Sweet Toof

If you’ve walked anywhere in London and haven’t solely been looking at your feet or constantly staring at the persons ass in front of you, then you will have seen at least one of Sweet Toof’s pieces of work. He’s the guy who creates those crazy teeth murals – either just on their own, the grin suspended on the wall laughing at you maniacally, or he adds the toothy (toofy?) smiles to existing posters of celebrities to create a brand new version of them – you may have seen the one he did on Boris Johnson recently. If you haven’t seen his stuff, then maybe look up when you’re walking the streets. Maybe one of the things you shouldn’t do is do an interview with him the day before his new exhibition ‘Sweet Revenge‘ opens and he’s running around hanging the show and being madly busy. Which is why these answers are pretty much as brief as you can get…Sorry about that. Blame Josh Jones.

Which of your murals/interventions have you liked the best? I liked the Sweet Toof sticker that went over the mouth of Donny Osmond on that massive poster on Commercial St. That was funny.
Say hello to Boris.

What do you think of this blitz of whitewash on street art in the run up to the Olympics? Did any of your pieces get buffed?

Your new exhibition is called Sweet Revenge. What’s so sweet about it?
I am still Hungry…

What’s your favourite sweet? Or do you in fact hate sweet things in a fit of irony and plump instead for some roasted peanuts?
Thank Crunchie it’s Friday.

What’s the diciest trip you have taken along the rooftops?
NYC Water tower – drunk.

Photos: Tom Medwell


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