Daniel Gorman

Daniel Gorman is one of the founders of the Reel Festivals, who believe that art and culture are the best ways to break down barriers and increase communication.

Hey Dan, I have a feeling you are really, really busy. How are things?
Things are good. Lots of running around like you say, lots of organising, but we have amazing people working on Reel Iraq, both those taking part and those organising it. People have been incredibly supportive and helpful for the project, which has made it a lot easier to organise. But still, a lot going on.

Can you tell us a bit more about Reel Iraq?
Reel Iraq marks 10 years since the US and UK led invasion of Iraq by hosting Iraqi artists in the UK. We aim to give the artists a stage, to allow people here to interact directly with people from Iraq and through this to get to know the place behind the headlines. Artists in Iraq are working in unbelievably tough conditions and yet they are continuing to make films, write poems, make music. This resiliance is incredible, and needs to be recognised. This is the 5th Reel Festivals and the biggest yet… Read the full interview.

Photo: Tom Medwell


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