David Emery

Photographer David Emery has featured several times on le cool because we’re big fans of his work and we think he’s a funny guy. We’re feeling a bit guilty that he went out and took this great Christmas pic for us in Walthamstow as he got caught in a storm and is still a bit soggy.

What’s on top of your tree Dave?
Not a lot to be honest, I have kept up the family tradition of having a wall hung tree. Its out it in the kitchen this year, it’s nestled under my condiments shelf. So technically I have a bag of flour on top of tree.

When do you open your presents, pre or post a lot of champagne?
Always post, this way I forget what I’ve bought myself, so even I get a surprise.

How full do your stockings get?
Very full, Amazon do overpack.

You can follow Dave on instagram @davidemeryphoto


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