Django Django

Arty-rocky-psychedellicy-noisy-un-pigeon-holable-multi-hyphenates Django Django are back next year with a brand new album, their own business card and a massive UK tour. You can check out lead single Tic-Tac-Toe right here and their latest single, In Your Beat here. We caught up with bassist Jimmy Dixon to find out more.

Hey Jimmy Django Django, how the hell are you?
Priddy damn good thanks! How the hell are you?

I am terrific. You’ve not been on tour for a few years. Do you have rose tinted memories of it all? Have you forgotten the service station food, the bus monotony and laundry issues? Are you mad?
Ha, yeaaaaaah…not sure about rose tinted glasses. Gigs (for me) end up all merging into one after we’ve finished a tour. I remember a few really special ones, homecoming gigs, Glasto and whatnot. The overriding memories are of stale brown bread, packets of ham and cheese and the state of the tour bus after a three-week tour. Naaaah, I love touring though. As long as you can get a shower in the morning, everything else falls into place.

What surprises have you got up your sleeves for your live show at Printworks? Their lighting set up makes it look like portals are opening.
That’d be telling… we were thinking of getting all our families up on stage and singing ‘there’s no business like show business’ for the encore but a few dropped out so we’re back to the drawing board. We’re working on our new live show though at the moment, which we’re pretty excited about and can’t wait to get it out on the road. We’ve done a couple of collaborations on the new record so hopefully we’ll have a few guests. Vinny’s dream is a duet with Daniel O’Donnell but I hear he’s big bucks.  

What’s the whole business card thing all about? Do you all carry them to important meetings?
I’ve always dreamed of having a little metal business card holder that I whip out at soirees and bars. We were given a card a while back at a train station for an esoteric healer called Terry. He kind of inspired us, except we don’t give worldly mystical advice, just gig dates and ticket phone numbers etc.

Who’s best at tic-tac-toe?
Probably Tommy, I can’t think more than one step ahead, Vinny thinks tic-tac-toe is actually tag and Dave’s handwriting is so bad I doubt you’d be able to tell whether he’s drawing an X or an O.

Django Django release their new album Marble Skies on Because Music on 26th January 2018. Their UK tour is on sale now, including a show at London’s Printworks on Friday 23rd March – tickets are available now.

Interview: Josh Jones
Photo: Tom Medwell


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