Dom Coyote: We Can Time Travel

We are loving Shoreditch Town Hall these days. Not only is it a beautiful and historic space (with one of London’s best restaurants next door), but their arts and cultural programme is also packed with exciting work from a fantastic range of artists. We are thus very much looking forward to checking out Dom Coyote’s We Can Time Travel, opening Tuesday 24th April. Coyote, a ‘musician and theatre maker’ brings his multifaceted talent to the Shoreditch stage for this hotly awaited one-man-show.

If you’re not already acquainted, Dom is quite a fascinating talent. Last year, he toured in a leading role with Kneehigh and their very successful The Tin Drum, (which got stunning reviews in the Times and Observer respectively). His own piece, Songs for the End of the World, picked up the Vault Festival Origins Award for Outstanding Contribution in 2016.

This latest piece is a “time-travelling odyssey full to the brim with music,” he says – promising a gig and show wrapped into a single thought-provoking, fascinating work. Pulling in inspiration from HG Wells, Kate Bush, 80s synth pop and our troubled Trump-infested times, We Can Time Travel is set to take us on a journey out of this world, into the future and back to the past, proposing how we might prevent the onset of a dystopian future.

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