Eating Cake and having it: Octavia Landy

You’ll most often find Octavia Landy in her excellent cake/quiche/sandwich/cafe/barjukebox joint Cakey Muto on Chatsworth Road in E5. With a late night license, pop quizzes, delicious food and an all round excellent atmosphere, Josh Jones thought it was time to say hello.

Hey Octavia – how are you today?
Hi! I’m great thanks! I’m actually in Ibiza with Newton Faulkner on a shoot, which is my other life away from Cakey Muto. We’ve had a very surreal couple of days! I’ll tell you about the sex boat another time…

Hot stuff… Can you tell us about what’s going down at Cakey Muto then?
Cakey is going great guns, we’re making some crazy bespoke cakes. In the last few months we’ve had orders for a Moog Cake for Tom from The Horrors, Vice TV commissioned a cake for Cancer Bats which was on the cover of Kerrang! and some weird and wonderful wedding cakes! We also have lots of cool events coming up including an alternative film night this Thursday, which looks like it’ll be madly busy.

What’s the best thing you sell there?
The salted caramel tart and the brownies are as addictive as crack. The chocolate fudge has some hardcore followers too. There’s something for everyone. And Mr Hair’s Pies (made by one of Neil’s Children) which are imported up from Brighton. Our coffee is Monmouth by the way and it’s delicious on ice.

Do you ever bake a load of delicious stuff and then just decide to sod the customers and stuff your face with it?
It’s tempting, but little pickers wear bigger knickers.

Can I come after hours and have a drinkey night time fun party there?
Yeah! We have a jukebox and we’d love you to make us a mix CD for us to drink and eat cake to. We are open until midnight Thursday to Saturday and have a little basement for gigs and shit. Check out Facebook for our events details.

What’s the future got in store for Cakey Muto?
Well, I’d love to make a cake for Keith Richards, lots of skulls and glitter. Or Bowie! We are looking to get a regular rota of events at weekends and live music and secret shows. The summer at Cakey is going to be exciting, so come on down!

Photo: Tom Medwell


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