Eduardo Muchacho

This laid back fella is none other than Eduardo Muchacho. And he’s going to make you feel like it’s summer again. Day Spa, the latest track from this Sydney-based, purveyor of excellent house music has got everything you need to feel like the sun might just shine again.

Hey Eduardo, how the hell are you? 
Que…? Kidding I’m good thank you!
Do you like being described as a nightcrawler?
That’s a tough one as it has its pros and cons. I love going out at night and partying. But it has always been a dream of mine to see the beach during the day just once in my life. Maybe one day.
You were over in Europe last year making, among other things, mixes for Rinse FM. Any good stories from when you were over here? 
Yeah there were definitely some interesting moments where I wasn’t sure which way was up. I think playing frisbee in the park for five hours in Berlin was one of the funniest. Me and a friend went through went through a fair bit in Berlin, so we felt pretty healthy after that…
Who are your favourite Rinse DJs?
Definitely would have to give a shout out to the chiefs Mak & Pastemann. Also Sam Divine dropped a track from my other project so gotta give some love to her.
What’s your favourite spa treatment?
I’ve recently been getting into this new treatment where you sit in a sauna that gets up to 45 degrees and you rub hot chillis on your face. I’ve been told that this process has great health benefits.

Interview: Josh Jones


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