she’s in fashion : Viktoria Modesta

Viktoria Modesta is the sultry siren singer who is being lauded in both the fashion and music press for her slick production, awesome styles and sensational synths. Her debut single ‘Only You’ is out now and Josh Jones had a quick chat before she dashed off overseas again.

Hi, Hello, Hi Viktoria, How are things with you today?
Jolly good thanks, am gathering all things summer for my next job and keeping fingers crossed for some top secret meetings to work out.

I hear you’re off to Ibiza pretty soon – is this for work times or pleasure times? Or a mix of both?
Well I am indeed. I’m gonna be spending almost every weekend in Ibiza working with Pooldisco in Ushuaia! Like with most of my work it’s always a mix of pleasure and work – this particular one though is looking to have so many elements bringing all of my box of tricks together music, fashion, styling and promoting. Major fun times ahead!

Isn’t your single out right now? Can you tell us a bit about it for the uninitiated?
Sure, it’s my first release ever. I’ve been seriously working on music for a couple of years and ‘Only You’ is the first glimpse and the beginning of my work.

How did you get into singing?
I actually went to a drama school briefly back in Latvia as a child. However I abandoned that once I got to London in 1999 in search of good times. I got back into it at 16 when I got the urge to sing again and never looked back.

If you had to choose fashion, music and hairstyles in a shag, marry, kill scenario, how would that work out and why?
I’m lucky I figured out that music can incorporate all of it – I can be the captain of my ship.

What are you up to next? (Other than getting some Ibizan sunshine)
I’m working on some exciting music collaborations and preparing for a starring role at Paralympic closing ceremony. Expect another release this year for sure…

Photo: Tom Medwell


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