Foo D’s lunch: Pitt Cue

Finally I managed to get into Pitt Cue and experience first hand what all the fuss is about.

If you’ve been living under a rock, or simply waking from an extended cryogenic slumber, then I’ll forgive you for not already knowing about Pitt Cue’s graduation from perambulatory cuisine (a food truck on the South Bank) to it’s permanent bricks and mortar residence just off Carnaby street.

To everybody else: Where you been? All the cool kids have been talking about it.

And I mean ALL the cool kids. Which is why it’s taken me three tries to get in.

Basically because it’s tiny, they (rightly) don’t take bookings and every food blogger from our solar system has sung their praises, the place is way busier than the space will allow. That’s great for Pitt Cue, but not so great for the ever-present, 30-strong line of people waiting outside, impatiently stabbing fingers, not yet covered in BBQ sauce, at their smartphones.

Having said that, this time I arrived bang on 12 and got all happy because there was no one outside but, true to form, there was still a 50-minute wait because people started arriving half an hour before the doors open.

Damn you bloggers. Damn you all. Except/especially my mates.

I wasn’t about to fail at this a third time, so we stuck it out, drinking at the upstairs bar while we waited, oozing resentment towards everybody who’d got there before us.

The friendly staff are obviously used to placating the hungry and kept us in beers and regular updates on how long we would have to stay put until we were finally shown downstairs to the seating.

Everything you’ve heard about the food is true. For the under-rock dwellers, it was all very tasty, though the burnt ends shone brightest.

I ate the beef ribs, with a side of sausage, burnt ends mash, coleslaw, pickles and deep fried, pickled shitake mushrooms.

Here’s my problem. All that cost me £27 including tip and a bottle of water, but when it was done I was still hungry and that, like a meal where I’ve definitely had too much to eat, doesn’t sit too comfortably.

I did enjoy the place, the people and the food, but for a 50-minute wait and to leave nearly £30 lighter and still hungry, I’m not sure I’ll need to go back.

Words and photo: Foo D


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