Fred Coppin

We’ve known Fred Coppin for quite a while – you may remember he did a cover for us a couple of years ago. Not long after that he packed his bag and went on an epic trip around the world. When we heard he was back and had a new show on the horizon we thought we’d have a catch up.

Hey there Fred, how’s it going?
I am tip-top thank you! I’ve fully embraced the summer perma-sweat and loving life.

So you’ve got a show coming up – what’s it all about?
The show is called ‘Angles & Optimism’ and it’s basically a series of optimistically tropical little paintings from across London. I’ve really just tried to capture a bit of that sunny magic that’s floating around. Let’s hope I don’t jinx it!

You went on a massive world trip recently – where was the best bit?
I was really lucky to take a bit of time last year to go and soak up some global goodness. Turns out most of the world is lovely so it’s a tough call but I think Japan, Himalayas and Patagonia are right up there.

How did your travels improve you as an artist?
I took a lottttt of photos and I think that has generally helped with my approach to composition and light in paint but it also allows you to appreciate the smaller details of your own city. Probably why I’ve ended up painting everything from drainpipes to dustbins since I’ve been back!

Where can we see more of your work?
I’ve got the solo exhibition that I mentioned above on in Shoreditch (14 Rivington Street) from the 3-5th August, which should be fun. Or if you don’t want to tackle the Saharan sun of outdoors you can check out my work at and @FredCoppinArt.

Interview: Josh Jones


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