fun night only: Sink The Pink

Amy and Glyn are mum and dad of London’s premier tranny night of insanity, Sink The Pink. Now that the weather’s getting glum and it’s dark at lunchtime, we heartily recommend you get yourself to the glittery sights and trashment sounds that this oasis of eyeliner and weaves brings. Josh jones had a chat ahead of the night’s 4th birthday party this weekend.

Hello Amy, Hello Glyn. How the hell are you? What’s happening?
We are bloody amazing, busy as always and juggling everything we have to do in the run up to one of our nights, buying wigs, lycra, downloading Cher songs and practicing dance routines!

Can you tell us what goes on at a Sink The Pink for those le cool readers who might not have witnessed one before… Have you got anything special planned for this weekend’s birthday party?
Anything goes! We encourage people to do what the hell they like and embrace the chaos, it’s not your usual club night and we pride ourselves on that, it’s inclusive, silly and a little bit wrong. We have an area where you can be “made under” called ‘Glitter My Shitter’ and we have a troupe of misfits that perform ridiculous routines. We also always have surprises! Musically we play anything from Nirvana to Dolly Parton and everything in between. Each night is themed too and people really go for it with their looks.
We are ALWAYS trying to make each night bigger and better and we have a belter planned this weekend – there will be Human Pass The Parcel… We are also performing our show from Bestival and there could also be a VERY special guest…

Now this weekend is your 4th birthday – when you started nearly half a decade ago, what was your vision?
We were just very disillusioned with what was going on in the clubbing world and we wanted to create a club that was like a family and really fucking messy! We loved dressing up and not taking ourselves seriously. We love trashy music and seeing people dressed as bananas doing the can can will never fail to make me laugh. I think the night is more chaotic and true to the vision than ever before.

Who sports the tallest heel at Sink The Pink? Do you have to get special stilletto insurance?
The winner of the high heel award has to be our girl JonBenet Blonde, she always wears 6-inch Loubotins. I am useless in heels, I look like a builder balancing on toothpicks!

How long does it take you all to get ready?
We are the worst – proper slap dash sluts! We literally fall into a pile of clothes and glitter and hope for the best. Some of the Pinkers take a long time and it’s a real art form but we would rather spend time reading Mills & Boon books and eating Pot Noodles.

What’s next for you guys?
We are busier than ever and sometimes I don’t know how it has happened. We are working on a book and exhibition of all the characters that surround our night, like a modern family portrait. That will be showing all through December at the Cob Gallery. We’re also playing the Gutterball and then doing a Halloween night showing of Whatever Happened To Baby Jane at Netil House – that will be carnage as we have a trannie hosting each hot tub! Sink the Pink is the first Saturday of every month too so we are always preparing for that…

Photo: Tom Medwell


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