Gallery: Artesian Wanders


Last weekend saw the launch of our walking tours, the Artesian Wanders. Thanks to big support from the people at FIJI Water, tour no.1 that traces the route of the River Fleet got off to a great start

A hard-core group of Artesian Wanderers not scared of the rain met in Quinn’s pub for one for the road and to pick up a bottle of FIJI (plus courtesy umbrella) for our trip along the route of the underground River Fleet. A pint down, we walked south armed with the tour podcast on our smartphones to narrate Camden’s rock’n’roll past. Casual tour guide Josh Jones was on-hand to wow us with his arcane knowledge of bass guitar shops and the Burning candy graffiti group. He led us past the red-brick behemoths of St Pancras, through Percy Circus and down into Clerkenwell.

It was raining hard again by now, so we were very glad to dash to the post-tour party courtesy of FIJI Water and Palm Beer at the great Three Kings pub. Oliver Keens serenaded, and all of a sudden a whole host of additional le coolers appeared out of thin air.


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