Hugo Farmer


Hey Hugo, how the devil are you? 
I’m very well thanks Josh. Just returning to a normal life after working away for a period of time and just about to go on holiday for a week to the wilderness of Sweden, so really looking forward to that and spending some quality time with the nippers and good friends.

How would you describe your work? It’s not just painting is it? 
I predominantly create sculpture, it’s kind of politically motivated – really it’s just about saying fuck off to the systems we have put in place to control us; monarchy, politics, religion and trying to give hope to an alternative more socialist society or something like that. History has been made by those brave enough to speak out – rule breakers are history makers.

You’re not some flouncy old artist with frilly cuffs are you? You know your way around a drill and a saw and you can build shit too. Was the art borne out of your construction experience or have you always been an artist who’s really good at being a chippy?
I trained as a boat builder in Falmouth and have made a ton of landfill for various productions over the past 15 years. I have always enjoyed making stuff and understanding processes in making stuff, so making my own stuff, I suppose, was a natural progression. 

Do you prefer getting your hands dirty making a big sculpture or working on a more 2D canvas type piece?
I enjoy both really. The hardest part is coming up with a tangible idea in the first place. The hardest thing is taking the piss out of the system and then selling to the very people who you are taking the piss out of in the first place, but hey it’s a weird and wonderful world out there.

Where can we see more of your work? 
I don’t have any work on show at the moment and I’m working towards a show on the 5th of November, which will be located in London but I’m finding it hard to find a venue where I can burn stuff. I will release the location from my website when I have found a location. It’s based around the power of the written word and how irrelevant it is.



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