Keeping it surreal : Tony Law

Tony Law is an outstanding comedian. He’s Canadian, he dresses tremendously and he takes you on a weird journey with each of his shows. He’s just about to start a 12 night run at the Soho Theatre, so you should try him out yourself. His answers may be short, but he’s pretty tall. So everything evens out.

Hello Tony Law – how on earth are you?
I’ve no idea. Luck. Actually, good on Earth.

What’s the most outrageous thing?
Mass murder probably. Genocide.

Is it harder to prepare for a long run in the same building than a bunch of dates in different venues? Or is it exactly the same?
Same better easier. Easier to prepare in setting up. But then you miss out on some improvising bits. You’re home every night and it’s nice having a routine.

Do you put your neckerchiefs on first or last?
Always on. All the time, apart from baths. Or when rotating. I’ve 24. So I guess first?

When you go on telly shows do you have rum in your coffee mugs? Or a mirror so when you ‘drink’ you can see people frantically signalling what to do next behind you?
Tiny, disappointing sized lager usually.
And a portal into another time.

Where’s best to end up at the end of a night?

Photo: Tom Medwell


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