Scandinavian singer-songwriter KLARA has just released her ethereal new single ‘Falling’ on new label The Office Stereo. The video for it is shot as part of the Crouch End Music Sessions, which is just up the road from Josh Jones so he met up with her for a coffee and a chat. KLARA hits the road on a seven-date tour, starting at St Giles-in-the-field on 26th September.

So I’ve heard you referred to as KLARA from Sweden and I reckon I can guess why…
That name actually comes from whenever I meet someone and give them my number – they always put that in their phone book. You always have to have some kind of reminder of the person, right? And because no one can pronounce my last name, that’s what I became! Also at gigs when I ask people to check out my website or whatever it’s a lot easier to tell them KLARA from Sweden!

So how long have you been a solo artist?
I’ve always written my own songs and asked musicians to be around me, which have become bands. Some of those have lasted five years, others for two, so it’s always felt like I’ve been performing alone but with friends. 

What are the Crouch End Sessions that you run? 
They were inspired by Sofar Sounds and how they do living room sessions all over the world. I recorded my album in my front room and I wanted to add to the musical community in Crouch End by inviting people into my living room and make things a little bit more friendly! I invite other artists to come to play and we film them performing. We do a couple of takes during the day and then another when the audience comes in for the evening performance and cut them all together. I love it when you get the audience reactions in the video. I always want to know what it is they’re thinking about as they listen to the music. 

Didn’t Justin from Bon Iver invite you out to his festival in Wisconsin? 
Yes! I’ve actually been out there for two summers. I met him at Glastonbury and we talked for two hours – I’m a huge fan and I just had to tell him. He is such a humble and talented guy. When I was out there I met his family and musicians that are around him and you couldn’t find a more warm-hearted person, he brings everyone with him on a creative journey. It’s the only festival I’ve been to where they ask musicians to collaborate on stage. You can really tell that it’s a festival curated by artists. It’s a very inspirational place to be and to write too. The local town has a speaker system so everywhere you go you hear music. 

Check out KLARA from Sweden’s new single ‘Falling’ here.

Interview: Josh Jones
Photo: Tom Medwell


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