L’app It Up: Frugl

The vast majority of London based apps are aimed at tourists. L’app It Up is here to unearth those designed for the natives. In the fourth instalment of this series, Sam Frankl takes a look at the app that jumps the gap when the ends don’t meet.

Frugl: FREE
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London has rightly earned the reputation of being one of the world’s most expensive Cities. I recently caught a glimpse of myself, eyebrows raised in pleasant surprise, having been charged only £4 for a glass of fruit juice. I promptly lowered my eyebrows and raised my expectations. SEO for ‘Cheap things to do in London,’ must be just about the most lucrative business in the Capital and yet, here we are, promoting the first good app dedicated to that cause.

London on a shoestring…it just sounds like an oxymoron at this point. But Suzanne Noble, Frugl’s creator, is here to prove us wrong. We try to bring you affordable events every week at Le Cool, Frugl’s mission is grander: the only events listed on the app are under £10. That’s right £10, that small orange note that used to buy you a 20 deck and a pint, which now buy you a 20 deck or a pint.

Functionally, Frugl fits perfectly into the current trend of user-friendly interfaces. The front page automatically directs you to the ‘What’s Hot’ section where the top five most viewed pages sit, clearly priced, with a short blurb visible underneath them. In the tool bar you find further options including a full listings page which can be narrowed down through the simple search criteria of ‘Free’ and ‘Cheap.’ There is also the option of simply scrolling down the list. It’s when you take the time to do this that you realise the level of research that goes into the app. The listings are seemingly endless. Far from being an oxymoron, London on a shoestring seems to be a saturated market. Who knew?

No app is complete without a map. The listings can be displayed on an interactive map, the only downside being that it is powered by Apple’s much-maligned ‘Plans’ rather than Google Maps. On the day of writing we zoomed out to view the pattern of activities to find something rather surprising. The largest density of activities lay in West London, north of the river. Just goes to show, check your pre-conceptions at the door and get Frugl-ing.


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