L’app It Up: The London Wine Guide

Searching through the deluge of London based apps available at our fingertips can be a fruitless endeavour. The vast majority are aimed at tourists. In this series, Sam Frankl searches out those apps that actually make a real Londoner’s life that little bit easier. 

The London Wine Guide: £2.49
Download for iPhone here

When it comes to wine, it can be hard to avoid developing a chip on the shoulder. In this case perhaps it’s a wafer. Wine tasting has developed an almost biblical mysticism and, by the time you’ve plucked up the courage to ask, it often feels too late to be scratching the surface of your undeveloped palate. Luckily, we live in a digital age and we’ve just discovered the cheat code to the sommelier hall of fame. It will come as no surprise to many of you that Blue Crow Media is, once again, the provider.

Have you been hiding from London Wine Week in fear of judgement? We totally sympathise. As if the Eucharist wasn’t bad enough, the sight of seasoned wine connoisseurs, nose deep in a glass of Bordeaux is enough to put the fear of God into anyone. Thankfully, The London Wine Guide is here to help you through the last few days of festivities, bringing out the well-tongued wino you always knew you had in you.

Blue Crow has stuck to its user-friendly and intuitive navigation design. Within the world of app development, the re-deployment of a design might be seen as a missed opportunity to innovate. In fact, it’s incredibly refreshing to find a company that is secure enough to stick to its guns. The carousel of tech must stop spinning eventually, after all how much more user-friendly can it get? Wine bars, shops and restaurants are searchable alphabetically, by rating, or based on proximity. The News section keeps us abreast of the industry. But best of all, the Directions tool offers us the option of using any map device we happen to have downloaded on our phones. It sounds trivial but the difference between being directed via Citimapper and being directed by Apple Plans is enormous, namely; one will get you there efficiently and one will get you very, very lost. The content is somewhat sparser than we have grown accustomed to with Blue Crow’s previous apps, especially in the South, but it’s very early days. Knowing the company’s work ethic, icons are sure to spring up thick and fast in the coming weeks.


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