L’app it up: MealPal

There is definitely no shortage of lunch options for Londoners working in town or the City. And if you do work in those areas, there is probably no shortage of work. With busy schedules and endless meetings, it’s easy to run out, grab something delicious/expensive and before you know it, you’re spending £60/week on lunch. Enter MealPal – an easy to use lunch app that lets you benefit from an affordable flat rate, without missing out on a wide selection of local restaurants. How does it work? You buy a monthly bundle of 12 (£4.79 each) or 20 (£4.39 each) lunches. At 5pm each day the menu opens (it closes 9.30am the day of the lunch in question), and you choose whatever you fancy from a wide selection of local restaurants along with the time you’d like to pick it up. There is a handy map feature which makes it easy to pick lunch spots close to your office or wherever you’re going to be. With over 150 restaurants (chains, indies, small caffs) – there is enough to keep things interesting – but keep in mind, each restaurant will only offer one dish per day.  Download the app here and try it out.


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