London, by London

We are delighted to present the final story from our London, by London project. We’re equally delighted to announce the winners of our competition — all coming up…

Could our story be the echo of our city’s collective unconscious? It is made up purely of sentences written before, and has been compiled by London (for what is a city but the people?). If you’d like to have a go at interpreting it for us, we’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments at the end of this post or tweet to @lecool_London using hashtag #LdnByLdn.

We got the Guardian Travel team to pick their favourite sentence of those submitted over the weekend. We’re here to tell you which it was and also the rest of our winners, so without further ado…

The grand prize winning sentence, “Outside the House of Commons…” from Virginia Woolf’s This is the House of Commons essay, was selected by Heidi Perry. She wins the Picador 40 set, a copy of London Unfurled, the Weird and Wonderful Guide to London from le cool and a printed copy of the above poster. Congrats Heidi!

“Above the trees and rooftops the dingy glare…” from Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty was Twitter winner@sean_oneill‘s selection, he’ll take home a copy of London Unfurled and a printed copy of the above poster.

The runners-up, who receive a copy of the le cool London guidebook and printed copies of the story are named below. 

Jan Sutch Pickard
Saskia Payne
Jill Zago
Gali Mor
Emma Mottram
Jaipreet Deo

Thanks to everyone who participated in this experimental writing project, with particular big-ups to Delaina Haslam, Craig Clark, SJ Boyd, Emma Cooke and Lee Dibble.


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