Lotte Keijzer

Based in Haarlem, The Netherlands, artist Lotte Keijzer’s bold and beautiful characters caught our eye the other week and we thought we’d find out more about her, her work and then asked her a weird question about what she’d do to the various things she does…

Hey Lotte, how’s it going?
If the weather is good, I’m good. Naaaah, I can make any day good (or bad), no matter the weather.

You do most of your illustration with real life, actual pen and paper. Are you never tempted to swap it all for a Wacom?

I actually started with Wacom and switched to paper, having a background as a graphic designer. Right now it’s way more challenging working like this, which I like. And it’s satisfying because of that. It’s also really helped me develop my personal style. But I still use my Wacom now and then, mostly for projects which need to be printed.

Let’s get weird with your work and play fuck, marry, kill with animation, illustration, lettering…
Good thing you explained this question to me… (as I didn’t know this game).
I guess I would marry illustration as that’s the most satisfying for me and I can always keep doing it. I feel that lettering is something I could definitely fuck with coz I just love me some good lettering but I need to learn way more in that area. And I’d guess kill animation ‘cos it makes me sit behind the computer more than the other two. Although there is something magical about making your drawings come to life. But ok, off with its head!

Your work is so bold and cheerful, does that sum you up as an artist?
Well, thank you! I never thought about it in that way! I really like the idea of “bold and cheerful” being the description both for my work, and myself. Being Dutch I am quite direct, but I try to do it in a humorous way.

Why do a lot of your characters have such fabulous hairstyles?
I guess it’s because of watching Grease about 100 times or more when my brain was still developing.

Where can we see more of your work?
Definitely on Instagram as that is where it all happens these days, doesn’t it? I’m also on Facebook and have a website. Plus, I have an Etsy shop with prints and originals. In person you can visit me in Haarlem, Holland, or see my work at Gosto in Bolliqueime in Portugal.

Interview: Josh Jones


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