major lazer: Mikey Allport

Mikey Allport is one of the guys behind the spaciest, lazeriest warehouse party this side of Mars (and Venus). Held at Hackney Downs Studios, to the lazer cave is not as illegal as you might think when you walk through the doors. Smoke, mirrors, smoky mirrors with lazers bouncing off them, mazes, make up and an incredible soundsystem. It’s something you should experience. Josh Jones chatted with Mikey as he was putting the finishing touches to this Saturday’s extravaganza. (We’ve been spelling lazer the American way, because that’s what Mikey and friends do and we’re all about consistency). We’ve also get a pair of To The Lazer Cave… tickets for you guys to win tomorrow on Free Fridays.

Why did you decide to start To The Lazer Cave…?
The idea was born from not being satisfied with the current scene, we wanted to create our perfect night. We wanted it to be 4am the whole night where the smoke was so thick you couldn’t see your hand if you put it in front of your face, where the only thing visible are lazers piercing the dense cloud from all directions, you have no idea where you are but you’re absolutely loving it!

How many lazers can you fit in a cave?
The question really is how many lazers can we afford. We guarantee more lazers per sqaure foot than any other party. All our profit is spent on upgrading our lazer system to up the ante for each party. For this party we have five new lazers and oh my word, they are going to look epic!

What can we expect from this Saturday’s party? I hear it’s gonna be a big one.
Space freaks, galactic uniques, tin foil, 40 lazers, interactive projections, a 26-panelled mirror maze, massive Funktion one soundsystem, lazer dancers, DJs in sequins, loads of smoke and disorientation on a cosmic scale!

What do you do aside from the warehouse party?
Myself and the other To The Lazer Cave… promoters Jonny, Adam and Simon usually spend our time at the lazer cave HQ, reading Lazer Weekly, drinking cocktails sent from space and experimenting with new ways to make lazerriffic installations that will take the party to the next level. However, if we are not at HQ then you will probably just find us at our normal day jobs.

After one of your parties – where’s the best place to go in London for a Sunday recovery?
Recovery or repeat? We’d probably still be partying at some after party somewhere…

Photo: Tom Medwell


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