Matt Hass


Lovely Matt Hass is one of the best photographers in London. When he’s not shooting incredible street shots you can find him doing high level fashion shoots. He’s a smooth operator and he has a short film coming out soon.

Alright there Matt Hass – what have you been up to lately? It’s been ages.

Has your camera taken you anywhere nice lately?
Mumbai. I wouldn’t say it was ‘nice’ but it was intense. I chose that city because I was after somewhere different to shake or even derail my standard approach to the documentary photographs I take on the streets of Europe. I think I should have stayed longer though as I didn’t really evolve past the initial culture-shock.

Has anyone ever gotten incensed when you’ve taken a pic of them in the street?
Never, as I’m rarely interested in anyone’s face, only the suggestion of a face; a cheek or an ear. Just a vague sense of ‘someone’ in the photo. I prefer to distill an atmosphere or a tension that I’m sensing rather than depict a reality. I feel that anything too recognisable will ground the work and answer the questions that I would rather leave open.


What’s your unicorn shot? What picture are you always chasing and wishing you’d got?
There is one face I would have liked to photograph more, my dad’s. It was beautiful, especially when he grew older. Regarding other missed photographs, I do have a small, rather pretentious notebook of missed photographs. It contains brief descriptions of opportunities missed. I would never attempt to reshoot these as tableaus though, I’ll leave that to Jeff W.

Where can we see more of your work? Also a little film I shot last month is screening at London Fashion Week Men’s next week.


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