The Miaz Brothers

Artists Roberto and Renato Miaz hail from Italy and have created a style of work that is truly unique. Using airbrushes and spray cans they produce incredible portraits of people who you think you recognise but are always, frustratingly, just out of focus. Their new exhibition, ‘Anonymous’ is about to open at Lazinc in Mayfair and we caught up for a chat as they were hanging the show.

Hi there Miaz Brothers, how are you?
Fantastic, thank you! 

When and how did you realise you could create artwork like yours with airbrushing/spray can?
When we understood that the only way to materialize our thoughts and philosophy on a canvases was through the particles of spray cans/guns no other medium can do this in the same way

Who’s the best with a spray can?

Are you two competitive?
Not at all! We are supportive! 

How do you collaborate on a piece? Take us through how you two created ‘Anonymous’.
Totally and extensively until we get what we both think is the best result. Anonymous was just a thought which we wanted to use to push and enhance the experimental side. It also gives us more freedom within our experimentations and this is the most fun part for us when creating works. We have a basic concept about ‘Anonymous’ but as always we want to give people the freedom to make their own judgement, it is so interesting to get everyone’s thoughts, they are always so different and this is so important to us.

Why did you decide to make this show a continuation of your Antimatter series, rather than start something new?
Because the series is our life, philosophy and it was impossible to get away from that and we did not want to get away from it! We do not believe in any other painting style when it comes to our own work.

The paintings have evolved though haven’t they? You’ve got bolder brush strokes than previous Antimatter shows, right?

Sure, sure, that is part of the experimentation and a part of evolving the works. 

When the show opens are you the kind of guys to be at the party or do you hide in a bar around the corner getting updates on your phones?
Come and see for yourself! 

‘Anonymous’ runs from Friday 16 March 2018 – Saturday 21 April 2018 at Lazinc, 29 Sackville Street, W1S 3DX

Interview: Josh Jones
Photo: Tom Medwell


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