Mojo Filter

Mojo Filter is a laid back motherfunker. He’s a DJ and producer whose psychedelic and dreamy reworkings of 60s, 70s and 80s classics has made him a hit across America’s Midwest and West Coast. Right now, because he’s being so nice, you can actually download four of his awesome AOR Vintage Edits albums for free right here. He has a nifty line in snake-skin boots and Josh Jones went and hung out with him for a bit.

Would you rather be described as psychedelic or cosmic?
Aahhhh. Do I have to choose?

I think psychedelic because that can include cosmic, whereas cosmic might not include psychedelic. Let’s go with psychedelic for that one.

If you could get the master tapes of any song, what would it be and what would you do with it?
I’ve actually achieved that dream already. I got the master tapes and parts for Fame by David Bowie. Usually when you get old tracks you quantise them. You add all the little snares into the grid so when you import the audio as a whole, it’s all ready. But with Fame I literally spent weeks doing loads of stuff on it that you’d never notice, just in honour of Bowie because he’s obviously not from this plane. I just thought I’d be a thorough nerd and the only I thing could do to respect him was to take his vocal out of it, and just leave the P-Funk doing its thing. Underneath it, if you speed it up a little bit, it’s just mad P-Funk.

Didn’t you get a cease and desist letter from Prince for your Raspberry Beret remix?
I totally did, and reversed it! I figured at the end of the day it’s all people in an office and there is actually a person making the decision. I thought if I could implore to their humanistic sensibility by way of pictures of my child I might have a better chance, so I did that. I sent her pictures of my baby. I found out who it was and phoned up Prince’s people in LA, I eventually got through to them and told them I was just a douchebag who relied on my Soundcloud. I had joined a website where you are cleared to use samples but the clause is to release it within that website. I hadn’t read the small print and put it on my Soundcloud, and they reversed it.

And you’ve also set up a record label right?
I have, it’s called Owlspeak, which I thought was a known term, but then I looked it up and I couldn’t find a single reference to it. I thought Owlspeak was when you speak, like broken English?

That’s pidgin English.
Pidgin English? Oh that’s what it is, I thought it was called Owlspeak. I’ve kind of formed the meaning of Owlspeak to be the ancient, unspoken wisdom of nature, something that just rings true in you without having to read up on it. And that’s kind of the ethos for the music, you don’t quite know what’s going on but you know it’s right.

Listen to all Mojo Filter’s music right here

Photo: Tom Medwell
Interview: Josh Jones


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